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Advancing the welfare of Black brilliance, dignity, and morality in schools


This report focuses on the use of suspension and other forms of exclusionary discipline impacting the education of Black children and youth in California public schools. We report on publicly available data from the 2018– 2019 school year, which is the most recent data available. These data were reported by local educational agencies (LEAs) to the state government. Before being reported, the data are certified by authorized personnel at the LEA level. Thus, the data represented in this report were reported to the state by the schools and districts.

Our Recommendations for Improving School Success on Suspensions

Independent Representatives

Require school principals to consult with a social worker before suspending a foster child

Public Reporting

Report voluntary and involuntary transfer data publicly

Required Training

Require training for all preservice and in-service teachers on bias, inclusive practices, and positive behavior interventions

Ban Preschool Suspensions

Eliminate suspensions and expulsions in early learning

Additional critical recommendations for addressing Black student suspensions

  • Extend ban on willful defiance suspensions for all elementary students
  • Establish grade-level specific suspension requirements that are age appropriate
  • Prohibit hidden in-school and out-of-school suspensions
  • Make suspension data publicly available on district websites
  • Reduce attendance monies for schools when students receive an out-of-school suspension
  • Implement charter school funding models that reduce attendance monies for students who are suspended